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Hi, my name is Iain K. MacLeod and while I'm just another CIS human male on the Internet, I want to make this a better place/experience.

🚽 Fun Fact! Iain is a name of Scottish Gaelic origin, while Ian is it's Anglicization; both spellings correspond to the English name John.

I was born in Sydney, Cape Breton and live in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada with my family. I also lived briefly in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island but not sure how much that counts.

I went to school at Chebucto Heights, Mary Lawson, Admiral Westphal, Sheriff, Sydney Academy, U.P.E.I, and U.C.C.B. I have worked breifly in retail (grocery and drug store) as well as with Celtic Colours, Coast Publishing, the Atlantic Film Festival, Spectacle Group, and the Government of Nova Scotia. I also still write for fun and enjoy helping people with technical problems because I consider it essentitial emotional support.

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